Measuring the Clogging Index of Wines

Before filtration, it is important to check the clogging index (CI) of wines to determine each wine's filterability, evaluate the kieselguhr filtration quality or verify the good working conditions of the crossflow. The value of the CI will predict the possible clogging of the filters on the bottling line.

Method: This test involves passing the wine to be tested through a cellulose acetate membrane of 25 mm in diameter with a pore size of 0.65 μm at a constant pressure of 2 bar.

Warning: Measurement is carried out on wine at 20° C!

Useful accessories for measurement of the clogging index of wine

5 liter vessel

Sartorius provides a 5 liters stainless steel vessel for the filtration of small volumes of wine for the measurement of the clogging index and Vmax.

Ease of use

  • Stainless steel system mounted on a height-adjustable scaffold
  • 0 to 6 bar pressure gauge.
  • Two valves at the highest point for the intake of air and release into the atmosphere after filtration.
  • A valve at the lowest point for the outlet of wine.




Complete 5 liter vessel


Membrane for the measure of the clogging index and Vmax



0.65 cellulose acetate membrane 25 mm in diameter (box of 100)

111 05 025N


Filtration of wine samples

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