Industrial Filtration Skid Systems

These industrial skids are based on cartridge filtration technology and have been designed to ensure the removal of beverage specific micro-organisms and other contaminants by microfiltration. The careful selection of filters from pre- to final filtration guarantee optimal filtration flow and performance for production lines.

Industrial Filtration Skids & CIP Systems

These systems are typically used for end filtration processes before bottling or BIB (Bag-In-Box) lines.

  • Equipped with two or three filter stages and a pump.
  • Fully adaptable to customer production processes & product characteristics.
  • Intended for the bottling of beverages including wine, sparkling wine, flavored wines, spirits, beer, water and soft drinks.

Your benefits when using an industrial filtration skid system:

  • Process optimization: No wine oxidation with a completely closed filtration system. Filtration for 1, 2 or 3 stages.
  • Repeatability: Reliable bottling and optimization of wine production with integrity checking of final membrane filters.
  • Savings: Longer cartridge life time with individual cleaning of each filtration stage. Limited water loss during sterilization step through the option of water recovery loop when connected to the CIP system.
  • Efficiency and safety: Total process control with temperature and pressure sensors. Water leak valve and fully drainable skids by gas ensure no water comes into contact with the filtered beverage bottling processes. Sampling valve to check the beverage quality & filtration performances before bottling.

The industrial filtration skid portfolio is composed of 3 ranges:

Industrial Manual Filtration Skids

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Semi | Automated Industrial Filtration Skids

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Automated Industrial Filtration Skids

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