Fully Automated Industrial Filtration Skids

These industrial skids are based on cartridge filtration technology and have been designed to ensure the removal of beverage specific micro-organisms and other contaminants by microfiltration.

  • Maximize productivity efficiency with autonomous operational activity.
  • Secure your production with complete automated monitoring of your process.
  • Easily and quickly optimize process to save on production costs.
  • Customizable design to integrate complex environments and overcome user constraints.

Available models

  • Single filtration line
  • Twin filtration lines

Applications: Clarification, filtration, micro-organisms retention before bottling or BIB (Bag In Box)

Segments: Wines, sparkling wines, flavored wines, beer, water and soft drinks

CIP System for Fully Automated Industrial System

CIP system is piloted from PLC of fully automated filtration skid system – providing fully automated CIP services

Add control & robustness to your system:

  • Filters incoming water ensuring protection for downstream systems.
  • Ensures temperature and flow control throughout the cleaning and sterilization processes.
  • Enables chemical cleaning and disinfection.
  • Can cover both filtration and filling system needs.


  • Reduce energy consumption with timed filling of atmospheric tank during off-peak hours.
  • Recover heat kcal for cleaning cycles at 50°C with heat exchanger technology.
  • Limit water usage by recovering it from the sterilization process.


  • Kcal recovery kit
  • Water recovery kit
  • Chemical cleaning kit

Available in 1500, 2000, 2500 L

  • Stand-alone solution
  • Electric resistors for heating