Sartocheck® mini

Automated Filter Integrity Tester for Food & Beverage Applications

Ensure 100% reliable filling by testing all final membrane filters with our testing system Sartocheck® mini.

The automated filter integrity tester Sartocheck® mini can be used to verify the integrity of membrane filters which are used in the food & beverage environment.

Performed after sterilization of the filter cartridges and before the sterile filtration of water, wine, beer, to check the integrity of the filtration system. The test checks the condition of the cartridge and the integrity of the complete system (housing + cartridges).

It is a non-destructive test that allows to say if the filter will play or has played its role of microbiological barrier.

To have answers to questions such as:

  • Did the transport of the cartridges damage the filter’s integrity?
  • Did pressure pulsations damage the filter on the filtration line?
  • Did the sterilization step damage the filters?

Once the integrity test of your sterilizing filter cartridge is performed:

  • You have filter integrity traceability.
  • Results are automatically printed using the built-in thermo printer.
  • USB port allows connection of an external printer or transfer data to a computer.
  • Ability to identify where process anomalies occur: If contamination problem of the filtered product (water, wine, beer...) and if integrated filter verified by the test, it makes it possible to identify a process anomaly (contamination downstream of the filter, bad decontamination of the bottling line, ...)
  • Operates on battery (approximately 4 hours of autonomy)
  • Programming tests is easy via USB connection to computer
  • Ability to record and save up to 200 test results
  • Easily transfer test results to a computer using SartoControl software
  • Data saved to an Excel file
  • Volume test from 25ml to 999 liters (a 30 Round Filter housing equipped with the cartridges makes a volume of ~190 liters)
  • IP 65 Resistant Pressure Sensor (calibrated)
  • Thermal paper printing
  • Regulatory compliance

Ordering Information

Order number: 26292---02

Taken those specific needs into account, this unit offers the following main features:

  • Automatic filter integrity tester
  • Pressure drop test
  • Diffusion test
  • Small, portable unit
  • 19 different test programs
  • 200 test results can be stored
  • LCD display
  • Automatic venting after the test
  • Thermo-printer (57 mm paper)
  • Easy and reliable data transfer to PC
  • High capacity batteries for up to 4 hours work
  • For filter housings with a net volume between 25mL and 999 L
  • Ingress protection IP54
  • Incl. bag and case


Datasheet Sartocheck® mini

PDF | 196.4 KB


Power requirements: 100 – 240 V AC, 50 | 60 Hz
Max. Power Input: 20 W
Max. inlet pressure: 4500 mbar
Dimensions: 315 × 150 × 280 mm
Weight ca. 3.900 g
Languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese

Operating Conditions
Temperature 0 – 40 °C
Humidity 5 – 95% rel.

Measuring Ranges
Test pressure 50 – 4000 mbar
Max inlet pressure 4500 mbar
Over pressure protection 8000 mbar
Net volume 25 mL – 999 L

Measuring Accuracy
Rel. deviation pressure measurement: < 0.2%
Abs. deviation pressure measurement: max. ±4 mbar (@20°C)

Communication port Mini USB