Speed up your Quality Control Process with Rapid DNA-based Testing

Time is of the essence in quality control testing. Every day of waiting for colonies to form is another day manufacturing is slowed, production lines are halted or corrective actions cannot be taken in time.

Increase your Sensitivity with Rapid DNA-based Testing

Sensitivity is of the essence in quality control testing. An undetected microbial contamination due to low sensitivity bears a high risk for patient safety. Profit from the high sensitivity of DNA-based testing. CFU counts underestimate the number of microbes in a sample. This is because many microbes won`t grow to a colony (i.e. stressed or VBNC viable but nonculturable cells) and furthermore many microbes tend to form agglomerates. Both scenarios lead to an underestimation of the CFU count, which should theoretically be equal to the number of cells in the sample.

DNA Extraction

Mycoplasma Detection

Bacteria Detection

Accelerate your workflow with our Microsart ATMP Mycoplasma qPCR Detection Kit.

With our non-infectious Microsart Validation Standards (10 CFU standards) your are always on the safe side during implementation process of DNA-based...

Microsart® Research Bacteria guarantees rapid detection of > 95 % of all known bacteria within 2 1/2 hours.