The Mycap®️ CCX Cell Culture Expansion System Helps Prevent Contamination

Batch Failure Due to Cell Culture Contamination Is a Serious Consideration for Biomanufacturin

Batch failure due to cell culture contamination is a serious consideration for biomanufacturing. A recent BioPlan Associates Survey found that on average a failure occurs every 9.4 months and costs companies $1 to $2 million. The leading causes of batch failure were contamination and operator error. It is logical that anytime the cell culture system is open, for instance when opening flasks during cell expansion, there is an opportunity for contamination.

Sartorius launched a new closed-system product, Mycap®️ CCX Cell Culture Expansion system that addresses the problem caused by opening flasks during cell culture expansion, that enables a production process that is less likely to become contaminated.

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  • eliminate contamination risk
  •  passage cells outside the biosafety cabinet
  •  save time
  •  reduce labor
  •  reduce waste

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