Crossflow Systems & Holders

Sartorius Crossflow Hardware and Systems - Designed for Sanitary Applications

High-performance Tangential Flow Filtration Solutions for Biopharmaceutical Process Development, Screening and Scaling Applications

From bench scale to full-scale production, we offer a full range of Crossflow screening tools, filter holders and UF/DF Systems to support your development process at its best help with cutting-edge technologies in single-, multi-use or as a hybrid solution. Pre-designed systems for scalable processing or the high throughput solution for parallel screening at lowest process volume, our Ambr® crossflow system, support the approval processes and reduce your time to market. In addition to a full range of standard systems and filter holders, our ‘Integrated Solutions Team’ can design and manufacture customized systems to meet your specific needs.

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Crossflow Systems

Operators using our configurable Sartoflow® crossflow systems benefit from a modular platform. Use the same automation, user interface, data...

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Crossflow Filter Holders

The family of Sartorius crossflow filter holders features the latest advances in crossflow design for full flexibility. This unique design within...

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Ambr® crossflow

Ambr® crossflow is a benchtop crossflow system optimised for ultrafiltration and diafiltration applications. The system enables greater number...

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Flexact® | Single-use Automation Solution

Each Flexact® can perform multiple unit operations for upstream and downstream. It brings together all hardware, software, wetware and...

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Speed Up with Single-use Crossflow Solutions

Single-use crossflow solutions are the key technology in fast and reliable downstream processing of biopharmaceutical products.

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