Filtration systems that ensure pure water

Sartorius filtration systems stand for high throughput, durability and error-free operation, as well as the highest quality and microbiological purity of your products. Specifically designed for water, our dedicated product ranges provide an optimal solution for every filtration step all the way to final filtration.

Along with our products' intelligent design combining manual and automatic systems, we ensure safe, reliable and optimized water production. 

Benefit from Sartorius expertise and experience to obtain the best quality and throughput rates in your production and filling processes.

Water Production Process Steps - Why use our filtration consumables?

Water needs to be filtered to ensure safe drinking and to conform to stringent health regulations around the world. In the case of process water, filtration is used to assure uncontaminated water. Even if there is pollution upstream, our filtration products help to ensure safe water.


Venting with our Sartofluor® GA cartridges to protect your water from microbiological contamination at the well. Sartofluor® GA, sterile air filter also protects iron and manganese sand filters. Jumbo Star Sartopure® GA is the ideal large cartridge to prevent contamination in your water storage/buffer tanks during filling and emptying at high flowrate.

  • Cartridges that are completely traceable

  • Filters that comply with EU regulations No 21/2011 and No 1935/2004

  • Robust design with high resistance to both mechanical and chemical stress

  • Inert filter media

  • Fully sanitized and re-usable filters

  • Intense filtration areas that enable a high throughput

Sartofluor® GA Cartridges for Filtration of Air & Gas

Gas filtration using Sartofluor® GA filters eliminates the risk of contamination. Our Sartofluor® GA filters ensure no risk of air contamination, sterile air filtration which conforms with standards, high flow rate and technical support for filter sizing and no risk of collapsing tanks.

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Jumbo Star Sartopure® GA, the Giant Sized Venting Cartridge

The Jumbo Star Sartopure® GA cartridge is designed for all venting applications that do not necessarily require an integrity testable membrane filter cartridge. Featuring a retention of 0.2 μm for gas, Jumbo Star Sartopure® GA efficiently protects stored products in special reservoirs and storage tanks with a high capacity in the food & beverage industry. 

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Water treatment is the next step, incorporating pre-filter and final filter processes using our Sartopure® IND, Sartopure® PP3, Sartopure® GF+, Aquasart® PS, Aquasart® Plus, Aquasart® Plus XL and Aqua Star CA cartridge filters. The sterile filtration ensures optimum retention of microorganisms before bottling.

  • Lower cost pre-filtration filters that remove contaminants, thereby protecting and increasing the life span of final filtration filters
  • Benefit from several polypropylene filtration layers
  • Have finer, less bonded fibres and provide higher porosity
  • Have unequalled filtration capacity
  • Reduce particles that clog water
  • Improve clarification
  • Deliver more precise particle retention

Sartopure® IND Particle Reduction Filter Cartridges

Sartopure® IND cartridges are developed for a wide range of industrial prefiltration. They combine a high dirt holding capacity, protective abilities and extremely high flow rates. Sartopure® IND cartridges are easy to clean for an efficient regeneration if necessary.

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Sartopure® PP Particle Reduction Filter Elements for F&B Applications

Sartopure® PP3 filter elements are high performance polypropylene fleece based pre-filters that improve your product quality. Advanced fleece materials and composition not only extend service life of your downstream membrane but also reduce filter consumption in total.

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Sartopure® GF Adsorptive High Capacity Filter Cartridges for Food & Beverage

Sartopure® GF Plus cartridges are optimized for the protection of downstream membrane filter systems and clarification in food and beverage applications. Due to their high adsorptive power by glass fiber fleeces, they are the ideal solution for removal of colloids from beverages.

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Jumbo Star Sartopure® PP filters with pleated surfaces

Jumbo Star Sartopure® PP cartridges combine the highest filtration area on the smallest footprint on the market. Particle-rich beverages can be filtered with Jumbo Star cartridges that are easily and efficiently backwashed with water. This allows for a significant reduction of filtration area, filter consumption and overall costs for filtration.

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Aquasart® PS Membrane Filter Cartridge

Aquasart® PS 0.2µm filter cartridges are integrity testable membrane filters especially developed for filtration of water in the Food & Beverage Industry. They are highly asymmetrical and characterised by a unique hydrophilic Polyethersulfone (PESU) membrane offering a broad chemical compatibility, exceptional high flow rates, total throughputs and highest microbiological safety.

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Water Sterile filtration before filling into bottles is done through our Aquasart® Plus, Aquasart® PS, Aquasart® Plus XL and Aqua Star CA cartridge filters for 0.2µm sterile filtration but also with Sartobev® for 1µm membrane filtration of bottled water. The air at the filler must be sterile by filtration through Sartofluor® GA and the steam used for the sterilisation has to be cleaned with particle retention through Sartosteel® filters. 

  • Asymmetric membranes that deliver high throughput

  • High chemical compatibility

  • Correlation studies between challenge bacterial with Brevundimonas diminuta.

  • Integrity testability

  • Filters that comply with EU regulations No 21/2011 and No 1935/2004

  • Filters which guarantee consistent quality

  • Filters produced with lot numbers to enable complete traceability

Aquasart® Plus Membrane Filter Cartridge

Aquasart® Plus filter cartridges feature a high-performance, double-layer pleated hydrophilic polyethersulfone membrane. Aquasart® Plus membrane filter cartridges are used for final filtration prior to bottling of water and non-carbonated drinks.

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Aquasart® Plus XL Membrane Filter Cartridge

Aquasart® Plus XL filter cartridges incorporate a special double layer membrane. This new combination, coarse prefilter membrane followed by a final membrane, has been developed to meet the demanding process requirements in terms of highest total throughput performance in the Aquasart® family designed prefilter, Aquasart® Plus XL achieves maximum service life performance and minimizes filtration costs.

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Aqua Star CA Filter Cartridge for Particle & Bioburden Reduction

Aqua Star membrane filter cartridges are used for final filtration prior to bottling for carbonated mineral water, non-carbonated water and near-water beverages. Aqua Star CA 0.2 μm filter cartridges incorporate a specially designed cellulose acetate membrane. This cartridge has a reinforced membrane especially developed to meet the industrial requirements of repeated mechanical pulsations and sterilization cycles.

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Sartosteel Stainless Steel Depth Filter Cartridge

Sartosteel filters are used for removing particles from liquids and gases (steam) and applied in process such as steam filtration, condensate filtration and water filtration. Sartosteel filter cartridges offer the user maximum security along with low filtration costs.

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Datasheet - Sartofluor® - Cartridges GA, Cartridges LG, Mini Cartridges, Junior, Maxicaps®, Midicaps® & Capsules

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Sartopure GF Plus - The depth filter for adsoptive retention

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Jumbo Star Sartopure GA — The Giant Sized Venting Cartridge

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Sartopure® IND — Particle Reduction Filter Cartridges

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Sartopure® PP3 Particle Reduction Filter Elements for food and beverage applications

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Data SartopureGF-Plus SGK2007-e

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Jumbo Star Sartopure®

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Data Aquasart PS SGK2004-e

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Aquasart Plus

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Data Aquasart-Plus-XL 2552195-000-e

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Data AquaStar CA SPK2077-e

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Sartosteel — Removing Particles from Liquids, Gas and Steam

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